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    We recommend you use our Air Care Service as it performs the following:

    • Cleans the A/C evaporator and air ducts 

    • Eliminates harmful bacteria that can grow in the A/C unit

    • Eliminates any other contaminants in the A/C unit

    • Kills odours and any unpleasant car smell such as smoke smell

    Air Care also provides a long lasting and Clean Air Fragrance to your car


    Step 1: Fully disinfect your vehicle’s interior.

    Our unique disinfecting and sanitisation treatment kills a wide range of harmful germs in your car, including bacteria, fungus, moulds and viruses. This treatment has a film-forming residue, leaving the interior surfaces medically safer and more hygienic for drivers and passengers. Our sanitisation and disinfectant solution is a low irritant, has low toxicity, is odourless and free of chlorine. It’s also long-lasting and safe to use on all interior surfaces.

    Step 2: Completely sanitise the air conditioning unit

    A build-up of bacteria in the deepest parts of your vehicle’s air conditioning system can put your health at risk. If these bugs are left untreated, they can aggravate allergic reactions and bring on asthma-like symptoms. Our treatment is a pleasant, refreshing solution that harnesses the power of antimicrobial and anti-bacterial action to disinfect, sanitise and deodorise your entire air conditioning system. It’s non-toxic, safe for allergy sufferers, and gives your vehicle that new-car smell.

    Our staff will complete this full service for you. It only takes 3 minutes


    $40 to Wash Club Members
    $48 for Non Members