Tunnel Wash Car Detailing Christchurch

The Future of Tunnel Wash Car Detailing in Christchurch

With Tunnel Wash’s cutting-edge conveyor washing system, you can receive the look of an expensive vehicle detailing for less. We offer Gold and Silver wash packages so that you can select the exact services you want. Both packages come with the use of our Tunnel Wash including triple foam conditioner, underbody wash, primary and secondary wash and an extreme shine and wax. Every wash comes backed by our guarantee. If you don’t think that your car is clean enough, we’ll repeat the process for you free of charge.

Tyre Shine
A complete tyre and wheel clean is included in our Gold wash packages. If you want a little extra attention paid to your tyre clean, we also offer the Tyre Shine in our Gold Wash package. With the addition of this service, you’ll get a professional silicone tyre shine added at the end of your Tunnel Wash. This step offers an extra protective layer to your tyres and makes them look freshly cleaned for days to come. As with all of our services for car detailing in Christchurch, it’s part of our speedy wash system and will only add seconds to your wash time.
Dry & Shine
If you’re looking for that just detailed shine, we recommend our Super Dry & Shine, included in the Gold Wash package. This is an additional dry and shine where we ensure that your car is looking as shiny as possible. With this service, you can achieve a luxury detail without the hassle of getting the car kit out of the shed or losing access to your car for hours while it waits for an old school car detailing in Christchurch. Our car wash system is unique to the market, offering an unparalleled clean and sought after shine. We’re the only drive-through service that provides a fully detailed exterior finish. Going the extra mile will ensure a spot free finish that will be sure to turn heads.
Interior Car Cleaning
Don’t forget about your interior. Our luxury Tunnel Wash location is equipped with six vacuum bays for interior car cleaning. While you receive 4 minutes free with our Gold Wash package, all customers can access these machines on a coin operating basis. Not only do our bays make the ideal spot for vacuuming out any sand or dirt from your floor mats and seats, but they also provide the perfect place to complete any other interior car cleaning that you don’t have space for at home. Next time you’re looking for the car groomers Christchurch auto experts love, check out Tunnel Wash.