Clean, green and environmentally friendly

Greenest (as well as quickest and cleanest)

Clean, green and environmentally friendly

Tunnel Wash is a business that relies on water. As water is becoming such a valuable and precious resource, and we are very passionate about recycling, we therefore recycle up to 80% of our water intake.

Our main goal is to be environmentally friendly and we also use biodegradable soaps and detergents.

Our state-of-the-art water reclaimer is especially designed for the Car-Wash industry. Tunnel Wash have the capacity to store over 120,000 litres of reclaimed water at any one time.

Do you wash your car at home?

Washing your car at home can introduce soap, oils, brake dust and other pollutants into our streams, rivers and lakes.

People can cause stormwater contamination by washing their cars on the road or driveway which washes detergents and vehicle residue into stormwater.

Poor water quality can affect ecosystems and reduce the amount of plant and animal life in waterways. It can also affect drinking water supplies as well as recreational users of water such as swimmers, kayakers, fishers and boaties. The aesthetic qualities of waterways are also important - it is much more enjoyable to look at a healthy, clean waterway that is full of life than at a dull, dark, lifeless one.

Even a very small quantity of a pollutant or just one accidental spill can have a huge impact on the health of a stream. Fish, insects and plant life can die and habitats can be destroyed. A polluted stream may never fully recover.