An exciting business model, a great opportunity.


Investing in a Tunnel Wash Or Auto Self Serve Franchise

  • New Zealand’s most advanced car wash operation
  • Different models to suit the local market
  • Strength of a national brand
  • Semi Passive Investment
  • Site Approval
  • Site Design
  • Site Construction
  • Marketing & Digital
  • Product Supply
  • Car Wash Equipment Install
  • Product R&D
  • Performance Leadership
  • Pricing/Membership Model
  • Induction and Training
  • Operating Technology
  • OH&S Systems
  • Merchandise

The decision to invest in the future of the car washing industry is an exciting opportunity to contemplate. Our success as New Zealand’s leader in car wash operations will be built on a foundation of caring about the success of every single car wash, and the experience of every customer.

We know our car wash operators want a company with experience, expertise, quality equipment and a strong approach to business. We have spent many years and millions of dollars researching and refining the car wash operation so we can focus on expanding successfully across New Zealand.

We welcome the opportunity to consider your application and you can be confident you are joining the most professional and technologically advanced car wash operation in the market.

Franchise Enquiry Tunnel Wash & Auto Self Serve