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    The Tunnel Wash is the most technologically advanced car wash operation in New Zealand.

     You simply sit back, relax and let our conveyor system guide you through your Tunnel Wash experience...

    Tunnel overview

    1.  Pre wash – manual
    The team pre wash is the game changer.
    2.  Conveyor
    We take control of your vehicle
    3.  Primary wash
    To get rid of the dirt and grime
    4.  Product
    We use 13 products over your vehicle
    5.  Softec wash wraps
    Guaranteed to not scratch or mark your car
    6.  Underbody wash
    The jets cleaning the parts you don't see
    7.  Wheel brush
    Giving the wheels the brush they need
    8.  High pressure clean
    The high pressure arch for the tough bits
    9.  Secondary wash
    The superior wash as we give it another go
    10.  Suds and bubbles
    The colour show and suds to clean deep
    11.  Extreme wax
    The perfect wax without the effort
    12.  Spot free
    Purified water that leaves no residue
    13.  Dryer blast
    200hp dryers move the water off your vehicle
    14.  Dry and shine - polish
    A final dry while enhancing the polished finish
    15.  Tyre shine
    The proper way to shine tyres... the finish