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    If you want to become a WASH CLUB member, have an e-tag and wash your car frequently we have a couple of options to consider.



    How to buy:

    1. Come and see us at Tunnel Wash
    2. Complete the paperwork
    3. We install your e-tag and you're ready to go


    How it works

    The WEEKLY and FLEET WASH CLUB are vehicle specific and can only be associated with one vehicle.  An e-tag wirelessly approves your WASH CLUB membership each time you wash.  It must be placed on your vehicle windscreen. If you purchase a new vehicle, simply contact us to update your vehicle profile and install a new e-tag – email us at: info@tunnelwash.co.nz

    How often can I wash?


    You may wash your vehicle once every week. Tunnel Wash will only close on specified public holidays, please refer to our website for further details.


    You may wash your vehicle three times every week. Tunnel Wash will only close on specified public holidays, please refer to our website for further details.

    How are you charged each month?

    The WEEKLY and FLEET WASH CLUB memberships are charged to your credit card month to month.

    Are there any locked in contracts or hidden terms?

    Good news is no – we like to keep it simple. There are no long-term commitments, or hidden cancellation charges and the set-up fee is a once off to get you into our system and an e-tag issued. In the event that you would like to cancel your WASH CLUB membership all we need is written notice 14 days before your next billing date. No refunds or credits will be given for partial periods, however you may continue use up to your expiry date.

    What happens next?

    Please submit your request for membership via our Contact Form or come and see us at the Tunnel Wash and one of our team will help you join the Wash Club.

    • The quickest Car Wash you will have ever been through.
    • From entry you can be through the Car Wash in 4 minutes.
    • Multiple cars can go through the Car Wash at once.
    • Up to 200 cars can go through the Car Wash per hour.
    • There are 2 points of entry with Pay-Stations.
    • Latest Paywave technology makes the process as fast and efficient as possible – cash, credit, and Paywave
    • Special “Wash Club” Radio Frequency Identification Decal (RFID) 
    • Easy Access – Easy Entry – Easy Exit.
    • The very best clean for your car anywhere!
    • The latest type of cloths are used (softec) which do not scratch or mark any vehicles – guaranteed.
    • Your car will be pre-washed with Hot Water for a better clean.
    • We also offer “Super Dry & Shine” – this is the only Tunnel Wash which gives a polish to your car.
    • We can also apply a silicon “Tyre Shine” to your vehicles tyres.
    • We have very high-powered dryers (200 hp) at the end of the cleaning process ensuring a dry car.
    • We have a 6-bay vacuum area available for use after leaving the Tunnel Wash.
    • We recycle 80% of our water and only use biodegradable soaps and detergents.
    • Water usage is of the utmost importance to us, and with a state-of-the-art reclaiming system, you can be satisfied that your vehicle is being washed in the most efficient manner using only the required amount of water needed.

    Terms & Conditions

    Read our WASH CLUB terms & conditions here.