Auto Express Wash Opening Late September 09 May
  • The quickest Car Wash you will have ever been through.
  • From entry you can be through the Car Wash in 4 minutes.
  • Multiple cars can go through the Car Wash at once.
  • Up to 200 cars can go through the Car Wash per hour.
  • There are 2 points of entry with Pay-Stations.
  • Latest Paywave technology makes the process as fast and efficient as possible – cash, credit, and Paywave
  • Special “Unlimited Wash Club” Radio Frequency Identification Decal (RFID) 
  • Easy Access – Easy Entry – Easy Exit.
  • The very best clean for your car anywhere!
  • The latest type of cloths are used (softec) which do not scratch or mark any vehicles – guaranteed.
  • Your car will be pre-washed with Hot Water for a better clean.
  • We also offer “Super Dry & Shine” – this is the only Express Car Wash which gives a polish to your car.
  • We can also apply a silicon “Tyre Shine” to your vehicles tyres.
  • We have very high-powered dryers (200 hp) at the end of the cleaning process ensuring a dry car.
  • We have a 6-bay vacuum area available for use after leaving the Express Tunnel Wash.
  • We recycle 80% of our water and only use biodegradable soaps and detergents.
  • Water usage is of the utmost importance to us, and with a state-of-the-art reclaiming system, you can be satisfied that your vehicle is being washed in the most efficient manner using only the required amount of water needed.